One Last Window Cleaning Before Winter

by Budget Maids - October 2, 2012

Fall is officially here and the cooler days let us know that winter is just around the corner. Before it gets any colder in Elkridge, Maryland, it is a good time to do an exterior cleaning on your windows. No one wants to look at dust and water spots that are on the outside of your windows all winter! 

Get Yourself A Squeegee And Scrubber

If you do not have a quality squeegee and window scrubber, it is time to make the investment. Not only do they save time, they do a much better job than trying to clean windows with a cloth. Almost any home improvement store or hardware store will have professional grade squeegees available. Get a good 12-inch squeegee for larger windows and possible a smaller one if you have small paned windows. Don’t skimp on these supplies as a good squeegee will work better and last for years. Buy a scrubber and a 5-gallon bucket as well if you do not already have them.

Window Washing Day

The best time to clean the exterior windows of your Elkridge home is on a cool, cloudy day. Although it may be nice to be outside on a sunny day, it is not the best time to wash windows, as they dry too quickly. Get your supplies ready and head outside on the next dry, cool day.

Fill up your bucket with 2-3 gallons of warm water and add a teaspoon of liquid dish soap; any kind will do. Grab your squeegee, scrubber (a sponge will work as well) and a few clean rags and head outside for a productive day of window cleaning.

Window Washing Technique

The first step is to clean off all the dust and grime from the summer. Use your scrubber or sponge to clean your windows, first squeezing out the excess water. Once the dirt is gone, it is time to squeegee!

You can use your squeegee either with horizontal or vertical strokes, whatever works best for you. Keep a rag or towel available to catch drips and clean off your squeegee after a stroke or two. If it is a large window, always direct your strokes towards the unclean portion of the window. When the area is done, use a clean towel to wipe around the edges.

If your Elkridge home has storm windows, this is a good time to clean them and put them back on as well. As long as your have your window supplies out, it makes sense to get all the windows clean and ready for winter. Give them a quick cleaning on both sides and get them back on your home.

Of course, not everyone relishes the thought of cleaning windows, however at Budget Maids it is just part of what we do! If you need help getting your home cleaned for the winter, give us a call and we would be happy to do it for you!