Saving Energy In Your Clarksville, Maryland Home

by Budget Maids - September 25, 2012


Winter is coming and it is time to think about how to stay warm and reduce your heating bill this winter. There are a few things you can do to save energy in your Clarksville home. It just takes a few small changes and your monthly bill for heat could go down, as you decrease your energy usage.

Have Your Home Furnace Maintained

Change the filter in your home heating or air conditioning system as per the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Schedule a fall tuneup of your heating system to check for possible maintenance issues. Even though the maintenance visit may cost money up front, it may save you money down the road in repair bills. A furnace that is well maintained will operate more efficiently.

Turn Your Thermostat Back

Keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower can reduce costs and save energy. You can always raise it when you are home, but keeping it set lower overall helps save in heating fuel. Installing a programmable thermostat can make it an effortless adjustment.


Use your windows for to save energy. When it is sunny in Clarksville, let the drapes stay open to let the sunlight in and increase heat. When Clarksville weather turns cold or cloudy, pull the drapes and conserve the heat. Heavier, insulated drapes can help keep the cold out too.


Increasing insulation can only help you lower your energy bill. If you are losing heat, additional insulation can help fix the problem. Many Maryland homes are under-insulated and need additional insulation to improve their energy efficiency. Have your attic inspected by a reputable insulation installer to see if you’re losing heat through your roof.

Weather Stripping

Be sure that your home has proper weather stripping on your windows, doors and on areas exposed to outside weather. This is inexpensive and a must do to save on winter energy costs.

Furniture Placement

Keeping furniture away from heating vents is important. Even if it is something as small as draperies, they can displace the energy source. Make sure all vents are clear from any blockages by sofas, beds and cabinets.

Save a Little Personal Energy

While you’re saving energy for your home, why not save a little of your personal energy too? There’s lots to do as you prepare your Clarksville, Maryland home for the coming holidays and cold season. Save time and physical energy by calling Budget Maids and scheduling a thorough fall cleaning. We can go through your entire house and make sure it is clean from the ceiling to floor.