Reducing Dust In Your Howard County Home

by Budget Maids - September 12, 2012

Dust is not just unsightly; it can also cause health issues for people with allergies. Unfortunately, since humans, pets and fabrics create dust, it is impossible to prevent it all together. However, there are some ways to reduce the amount of dust in your home, making it not only look cleaner longer, but also to keep it healthier for your family. 

What Causes Dust

The majority of dust, an estimated 90%, is created by flaking skin and fabric fibers that are continuously shedding off of bedding, cloth covered furniture and clothes. These small particles fill our air and create the film we see on our furniture and knickknacks throughout the home. The more fabric, people and animals in your Columbia, Elkridge or Clarksville home, the more dust you are likely to have.

Replace Filters

There are filters on most vacuums, air conditioning and furnace systems that need to be changed regularly. Keeping these filters clean and working properly can be a big help in capturing and removing dust particles from the air and carpets. Check the manufacture recommendations for frequency of filter replacement.


While vacuuming does remove dust and particles from your carpets and upholstery, it also stirs many particles up into the air. The agitator works well on carpets to help pull in dust but it can do more harm than good on hard floors. Use a canister vacuum without an agitator or turn off the agitator on an upright vacuum when using it to clean hard floors.

After Vacuuming

Vacuuming does suction in dust but there is quite a bit that also can be left in the air afterwards. If your furnace or air conditioning system in your Elkridge, Columbia or Clarksville home has a “fan only” option, turn that on for about 20 minutes after vacuuming to filter out the dust before it resettles. Always dust after vacuuming, not before, as you can also remove any dust that does settle.

Beat Rugs And Cushions

The old method of bringing rugs and cushions outside and giving them a good beating is still the best way to remove dust particles. Try to take these items outside 3-4 times a year and give them a good thumping to pound out dust that vacuums just don’t get to. A tennis racket works great for this as it lets dust through as you hit the fabric.

Wash Bedding Weekly

Make sure you are stripping your bedding once a week from all your bedrooms and washing them. Bedding is a big dust builder, both from fabric and skin. Also, dust mites love bedding and emit a protein substance that many people are allergic too. Keep them at bay by keeping bedding clean.

Enclose Stored Fabrics

Use plastic containers to store unused blankets, clothes and other fabrics in closets to reduce the dust they give off and to keep them clean. This also makes for a much more organized closet space.

By doing a few small steps in your cleaning routine, you can help reduce the dust in your home. If you struggle having time to do all these chores on top of your busy schedule, Budget Maids can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleanings to help you stay on top of keeping your entire home clean and healthy.