Time For Back-To-School For Elkridge, Maryland

by Budget Maids - August 22, 2012

Can you believe that summer is already over for the households of  Elkridge, Maryland? It is time to get ready to send off the kids to begin another year of school and to clean up the mess from having them home all summer! Now that they will be gone during the day, this is a great time to get their rooms cleaned and organized.

Getting The Kid’s Room Organized

There are some simple ways to make your child’s room easier to keep clean and stop all the clutter. By putting a few organizing tools in place, you can teach them good habits so that their room is not a nightmare to clean up. Just like the rest of the house, everything needs its place. Here are some easy steps to get your child’s room in order:


Depending on how small your child is, you may need to make the closet easier for them to use. Most closets have a hanging rod for clothes. For smaller children, this may be too high to reach, making it your job to hang and retrieve clothes. Get them started early on how to properly hang up their clothes by lowering the rod to their level. Have it high enough off the ground so that clothes will not drag on the floor, but low enough so they can reach it.

Toy Bins

Many children have one large storage box for their toys. This means every time they want a particular toy, all the rest of them usually end up coming out of the box as they try to find it. Make finding that special toy easier by creating themed toy bins. There are many inexpensive plastic storage containers that work great for this. Use the clear type so they can even see what is inside. Then make fun, colorful labels (pictures are great for the really little tots) for each bin and show them what goes where.

Fun Hampers

Dirty clothes always seem to end up on the floor, even when kids have a hamper at their disposal. Sometimes it can help to make it a little more fun to get kids in the habit of putting their clothes in the hamper. Moms in Elkridge, Maryland can find ways to make putting clothes in the hamper like a game. Sports-minded kids may like a basketball hoop above the hamper to “shoot” their socks through. Younger kids may find it fun to “feed” the hippo or lion their shirts and under clothes. Be creative and teach them good habits at the same time.

Once you get all the clutter off the floors, it may be time for a thorough cleaning to get the newly organized room off to a clean start. Budget Maids has the right team for professional cleaning in Elkridge, Maryland. Won’t it be great to have those kid rooms will cleaned up from all the summer fun and ready for fall?