Tips For Keeping Cool In The August Heat

by Budget Maids - August 9, 2012

August can be hot in Howard County and you need a way to stay cool if you want to get anything done around your house. Instead of racking up those high electric bills turning on the air conditioning or fans all day, there are other tricks to keep you cool that are much less inexpensive. Use these tips when you get too warm doing chores around your Columbia, Clarksville, or Elkridge home.

–       Get misty. Having a mist of cold water on your face, neck and chest can be just what you need to keep you going while doing household chores. Keep a spray bottle with cold water in your refrigerator that is ready to go for when you get hot. Putting a few lemon slices or cucumber in the water can be refreshing and give your skin a boost!

–       Be an early bird. Don’t wait until the hot afternoon to try and cook dinner or clean the house. Get up early and make something for dinner that can easily be warmed up later or a nice fresh salad. Do labor intensive cleaning like vacuuming and mopping while it is still cool in the early morning hours.

–       Keep your tootsies cool. For such a small part of our body, feet seem to have a huge impact on the temperature of our body. If they get cold, so do we, whether it is summer or winter. Use that to your advantage when it is a hot summer day in Clarksville and soak your feet in cold water, in a small tub, child pool or whatever you have handy. Add ice for extra coldness!

–       Ice your pulse points. Oddly enough this does work! Putting ice on your wrist or neck (where you would check your pulse) for 30-60 seconds can really make a difference when you get over heated. Wrap the ice in cloth to keep from making a mess.

–       Don’t be a hot head. Keeping your head cool works almost as well as your feet. Use a bandana that has been kept wet and in the freezer to wrap around your neck or head. Or bring back an old trend to Elkridge with a cold headband! To stay cool at night, keep a small pillow in the freezer to bring to bed with you

–       Hydrating helps. Keep your insides cool and hydrated. Try to drink at least 8 ounces of water an hour on those hot Columbia days. Add some mint sprigs to make it even more refreshing.

With degrees averaging in the mid eighties to topping out in the 100’s, August can be pretty warm in Howard County. If you get tired of trying to clean in the heat, give us a call at Budget Maids. We will do our part to keep you cool by making your house sparkle while you relax and enjoy what is left of summer!