Keeping Howard County Clean and Green!

by Budget Maids - August 2, 2012

A few decades ago if you said you “buy green” you probably would have received some strange looks. Now, the majority of people, even in a down economy still say they buy green. A study done in 2009 by Green Seal revealed that 82% of consumers are still buying green. However, when it comes to cleaning products, not everyone has gotten on the green bandwagon. Only 58% of the consumers in the same study said they buy green to clean.

Going Green To Clean

It really makes sense to change to the green way of cleaning. It is not only better for the world environment; it is also good for your home, family and budget. Whether you live in Columbia, Elkridge or Clarksville, you can help make Howard County green and clean starting right in your own home.

There are several small things that a homeowner in Columbia can do to get on a green cleaning routine. Green is not only about the products you buy, but also about how you clean. Finding ways to reduce the waste of water, electricity, garbage and chemicals are all part of the green philosophy.

Cleaning Products

Going green for cleaning products can mean buying safe products or making your own. The idea is to know what is in the cleaner that you use and make sure that it is safe for your family and the world around you.

–       Reading the labels. A product saying it is “green” and it being green is not always the same thing. If you truly want to try to buy green, educate yourself with the help of websites like , which was created by Consumer Reports to help breakdown the labels and ingredients for consumers.

–       Home made cleaners. There are many common household items that can be turned into effective cleaning solutions. Vinegar, baking soda and rubbing alcohol are some of the ingredients that can be used. has a page dedicated to recipes for green cleaning. They often can be less expensive for a Clarksville homeowner to make then what you would buy in a store.

–       Reusing is recycling. The cleaning isle at most Elkridge grocery stores is filled with disposable cleaning products that are not only more expensive than traditional products, they clog up the landfills. Get away from throw away items like wipes, mop covers, and even paper towels. Using mops and cloth rags that can be washed and used again is a much greener way to go.

–       Conserve energy. Using products that require less rinsing like low-suds cleaners is a way to conserve water. Think of ways to use less energy such as letting dishes air dry, use a clothes line instead of a dryer, using cold water instead of hot for cleaning.

–       Hire green. If you are using a professional cleaning service, make sure they use green products and cleaning techniques. Budget Maids is dedicated to cleaning green and is helping make Howard County green and clean.

Just making a few small changes can turn wasteful, and expensive, cleaning into green-friendly habits. All big changes start a on a smaller level and by cleaning green in your Clarksville or Columbia or Elkridge home, the green can spread throughout Howard County, to all of Maryland and beyond!