Cleaning up After a Big Bash—How Should You Go About It?

by Matt Jensen - December 31, 2020

A good gathering involves laughter, great conversations with friends and family, festive lunches and dinners, and a lovely dancing session. It’s all fun and games, but cleaning up right after the Christmas, New Year Party, or well, any party for that matter, that’s a nightmare!

Here are a few common concerns that hosts come across with effective cleaning solutions to counter them:

Water rings:

Leave coasters all around the house. But if you still end up with water stains on your wooden furniture, apply white toothpaste and buff it with a clean cloth.

Broken glass:

There’s always that one clumsy guest, isn’t there? Use a brush to sweep away the bigger pieces, but use a slice of white bread to pick up the smaller ones. It’ll gather the tiniest pieces that you couldn’t even see.

Lipstick stains:

A lipstick stain

It’s 2020, and some lipsticks still stain glasses?! Luckily, it comes right off with ½ a cup of white vinegar and warm soapy water.

Carpets and Rugs:

This stain probably can’t wait, you must treat it right away, or you might have to throw the carpet out, so keep stain removing products handy.

Additionally, you can vacuum the rugs and carpets to remove as much surface-level dust and dirt as possible or hire a carpet cleaning service for deep-set grime.


The floor might demand a little extra care after a wild night. Most of the marks come right off with a floor cleaner and soft cloth, but if it’s a particularly stubborn scuff, sprinkle a little baking soda and spray it with a pre-made mixture of vinegar, water, and essential drops. Scrub the mark away with a dry cloth.

Melted candle wax:

A stain that’s possibly the easiest to get rid of from the lot. Place a plastic bag filled with ice cubes on the melted wax. Once it gets brittle, it should come right off with a spatula.


Open the curtains and get the air circulating to drive away any foul odor from sweaty guests, last night’s alcohol, or even cigarette smoke. After you’re done cleaning, light up your favorite candle to get your space feeling like home again.

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