Is It Safe to Hire A House Cleaning Service During Covid?

by Matt Jensen - February 7, 2021

As the cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly, people are becoming more cautious with their activities and lifestyle. Due to the restrictions levied by the government, homeowners have had to do most cleaning and deep cleaning chores on their own.

However, it is safe to hire a house cleaning service during Covid if you and the cleaning service are both mindful of a few important things.

A cleaning lady service dusting in a house in Rockville.

1.    Hire A Responsible Cleaning Service

When you’re considering hiring a cleaning service, make sure that they’re following all the SOPs and providing the right personal protective equipment to their employees. When employees are following strict guidelines, there’s less room for error and fewer chances of you catching the virus.

You can also make sure that the owners of the cleaning service are checking the temperature and symptoms of their employees on a daily basis.

2.    Practice Social Distancing

If you’ve hired a house cleaner to come into your home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t practice social distancing. You can wear a mask and ensure that all your family members are wearing one while the work is being done. You can also take a trip to your grocery store while the house cleaner does their job.

3.    Increase Ventilation

You can open up the doors and windows to increase ventilation so that the air around you doesn’t get contaminated. As the coronavirus is contagious and can spread through breathing the same air as an affected person, ventilation can help bring in fresh air from the outside.

4.    Precautionary Measures

It’s essential that you take precautionary measures when you have the maid service attending to your house. Keeping sanitizers around the house and spraying disinfectants on high-touch surfaces will ensure safety from any bacteria or germs transmission.

5.    Cleaning Supplies

Professional maid services use heavy-duty cleaning supplies that are suited to special surfaces. They can be very effective in deep cleaning your house and reaching every corner. This will leave your house sparkling clean and more sanitized. You save on your effort and time to be able to focus on other important things.

6.    Reliable Employees

The cleaning service that you choose must have trustworthy employees so that you can supervise from afar. The owners of the maid service must do background checks to ensure the reliability of the employees so you can get a stress-free cleaning experience.

A cleaning lady service following SOPs while cleaning in a house in Rockville.

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