Tips and tricks for expert house cleaning

by budget-maids® - April 20, 2021

With our many years of house cleaning experience, we at Budget Maids know a tip or two about the little hacks that make life easier.

From de-cluttering to making the most of household staples, there’s bound to be something here you haven’t tried before…

If you’ve used Tupperware or other plastic boxes to store anything tomato-sauce based, rinse out with cold water before washing as that will get rid of those orange-y stains.

Tidy baskets

In the bedroom or bathroom, store perfumes and skincare in a decorative basket to stop them gathering dust. It also makes the room look much tidier.

Establish a household rule. If anyone takes anything out of cupboards, drawers or the fridge they must put it back when they have finished with it.

Toy chests or large storage boxes at the end of beds in a child’s bedroom is the best place for storing all toys and games. Why not ask your children to ensure they put away all toys and games at the end of the day?

Keep all the cleaning stuff together

Keep all your cleaning products together, preferably in a basket so they are easily transferrable from room to toom. The bathroom supplies should be kept separately and stored in there. Remember, the bathroom supplies need to be stored safely out of the reach of small children.

Take items that have not been used for a long time should be either sold in a yard or garage sale, or taken to a second-hand/charity shop.

If you have newspaper or magazine subscriptions, look to moving these to digital versions or cancel them if you no longer read them as this will help declutter the home.

Baby oil

If there are finger prints on any stainless steel/chrome appliances in the kitchen, a dab of baby oil on a microfiber cloth will remove them.

For badly burned enamelled cast iron pots or Dutch ovens, allow to cool completely and use nylon brushes or scourers, rather than metal ones, which will damage the surface over time. Add two to three tablespoons of baking soda to the pan, half-fill it with warm water and bring to a simmer. Allow to simmer for eight minutes and use a plastic spatula to remove the deposits.

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