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March 26, 2021 by budget-maids®

Ready for the spring clean? We often use this time of year to clear out the old ready for the ...

Spring cleaning – make a plan

February 25, 2021 by budget-maids®

As March edges ever closer, it’s time to dust off the rubber gloves – spring cleaning time once more! This ...

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important For You?

February 10, 2021 by Matt Jensen

Carpets can transform the look of your house and give it a cozy feel. They’re available in different patterns and ...

Advanced Christmas cleaning tips

December 11, 2020 by budget-maids®

All our Christmas celebrations this year are bound to be a little more muted than usual, thanks to the ongoing ...

Regular vs. Deep Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

November 24, 2020 by Matt Jensen

The run-up to Christmas and New Year’s is most people’s impetus for cleaning their homes. But when it comes to ...

Handy household tips

August 31, 2020 by budget-maids®

We’re always on hand with hand-y (groan!) tips to make cleaning easier… Here are some ideas for autumn. Store together ...

Cleaning equipment—what we rate

March 28, 2020 by budget-maids®

At Maid Service Oakton we prioritize certain cleaning equipment because it: a) works and b) is easy to use. Some ...

Tips to help you manage Indoor Air Pollution

January 18, 2020 by Matt Jensen

3 Tips to help you manage Indoor Air Pollution

Seven Top Tips for Christmas Cleaning

December 13, 2019 by budget-maids®

Who doesn’t long for the peaceful haven of the tidy home? Cleaning Service Rockville specializes in the dirty work and ...

Halloween Cleaning Tips!

October 30, 2019 by budget-maids®

Happy Halloween! Planning a Halloween party or expecting lots of mini visitors in fancy dress? They can bring with them ...

House cleaning Falls Church’s Secrets of Clean House People

October 11, 2019 by budget-maids®

Does it seem to you that certain friends or neighbors achieve the miraculous—a clean house whenever you step inside? Some ...

Cleaning Services Columbia – Dry Carpet Cleaning

January 25, 2019 by budget-maids®

All I want for the New Year is a clean carpet… Cleaning Services Columbia offers dry cleaning services, which make ...

House Cleaning Columbia – Pets and Hygiene

July 16, 2018 by budget-maids®

House Cleaning Columbia's tips for how to clean up after your beloved cats and dogs.

Cleaning Services Oakton Summer Cleaning Tips

June 11, 2018 by budget-maids®

Cleaning Service Oakton says, "Summer cleaning—that’s a thing, right? Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning, but summer brings its own cleaning challenges. The weather’s warmer, you’re more likely to be outside and dirt and grime knows no seasons!"

Maid Service Reston—Builder Cleaning

March 24, 2018 by budget-maids®

Maid Service Reston says, “Spring often means projects. Home improvement is top of the list for most people. Perhaps you’re ...